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swya's journal

eighteen seconds until sunrise


dalhousie university, mathematics.
, 137, 1950's, 1960's, 1984, 3, a clockwork orange, a small victory, a static lullaby, acceptance, afi, alcohol, alkaline trio, american beauty, anarchy, ani difranco, anthony burgess, apathy, black clothes, blow, blue, bowling for soup, brandon boyd, bright eyes, c++, chemicals, chemistry, choice, chris conley, cocaine, coldplay, communism, computer science, conor oberst, dalhousie, democracy, desaparecidos, dispatch, donnie darko, drive-thru records, drugs, emo, empire records, encryption, eve6, fall out boy, finch, fiona apple, further seems forever, glassjaw, good will hunting, gray, hacking, halifax, hate, heroin, holding hands, incubus, kissing, life, livejournal, love, mae, mathematics, methylphenidate, mew, modest mouse, movies, music, night, oceans, off by one, orwell, pensive, phi, philosophy, photography (black and white), php, pi, placebo, politics, programming, punk, railroads, rain, reading, requiem for a dream, reverie, ritalin, rivers, saves the day, sex, sigur rós, silverchair, simon and garfunkel, sky's the limit, snow, snowstorms, socialism, something corporate, space, stars, stigmata, sugarcult, sunglasses, surfing, taking back sunday, tattoos, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the starting line, the strokes, the talented mr. ripley, the used, the weakerthans, this day & age, thrice, thursday, time, trainspotting, trust, trustcompany, truth, university, vagrant records, vietnam, violins, web design, weezer, white, writing, x, yellowcard, ágætis byrjun


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